• Countdown to reopening: April 2014 update

    Events at our now-famous pub have progressed swiftly and positively over the past few weeks.

    The King’s Arms became the property of Shouldham Community Enterprises (SCE) – a not-for-profit cooperative run by a committee of villagers – on Friday 10th January 2014, and just a week later, on Saturday 18th January, we held

    our first ‘community work day’. The response from the village and our supporters was fantastic, with around 40 volunteers coming to clear out the pub ready for refurbishment. Everything we might want to keep has now been safely stored, while the rubbish has been taken to a skip. Many thanks to all who turned up on the day, and especial thanks to the Shouldham Lady Birds who provided

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The King’s Arms served Shouldham for more than 350 years and, with help, we’ll see that it does so again. Through the efforts of the people of Shouldham, and our friends from across Norfolk and beyond, we have saved our village pub.

Our share issue reached its target by October 21st, and within a month we had come to an agreement over the price of the pub with the vendors. In January 2014 we finally became owners. 

We are currently in the process of refurbishing the building, turning it into West Norfolk’s first community-owned pub. If you can help by offering some of your time or skills, we would love to hear from you. 

A big thank you to all who have helped get us this far. We hope we can meet as many of you as possible for a celebratory drink, once we re-open our village pub in summer 2014. 

The King’s Arms: owned by the community, welcoming to all!

This website, our hugely successful campaign to buy the pub, and all the associated fundraising events (including our stupendous beer festival in August 2013) are all organised and run by volunteers, freely giving their time and skills to make this project a success.