The New Normal

We are really looking forward to seeing you again, we have missed you very much indeed!

Below are a few changes you can expect whilst we work through ‘the new normal’ to keep you and our team safe. Please bear with us, we understand that at times this may be frustrating and we ask that you are patient with the team whilst we are all adjusting.

In the first instance, we are only opening our outside area. We will be reviewing this on 12th July with the hope we can open up some inside areas.

There are benches in the garden, plus structures in the garden should you require cover. There is also a structure and tables/chairs on The Green should you prefer to sit there.

Our benches have been placed at appropriate distances, under no circumstances can these be moved.

Please choose a table to sit at (please do not sit at a table which has yet to be cleared, a team member will need to clean and sanitise it)One member of your party should come to the order point to order your drinks, and place your food order. Your drinks will be served immediately and your food will be delivered to your table when ready.

Please use contactless for payment Please keep a minimum of one-metre distance at all times.

There are temporary toilets available for use (don’t worry, not portaloos) that have sinks and sanitiser .

The Disabled toilet will also be open in the pub for those who need it.

Groups are limited to members of any two households or a group of six people (at most) from any number of households

We are sorry, but for now the children’s play area is not able to be used. And due to the space available in the garden children will not be able to run free in the garden 🙁 We recommend bringing a table activity to keep little ones amused at the table

We guarantee you will continue to receive a very warm welcome as usual, we are very grateful for your support.

Please remember, this is only temporary and if we all adhere to the guidelines, it will help keep everyone safe and well